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How To Join

Here is information on how to join Rho Sigma Omega.


Talk to your Chapter Advisor!

If you do not have a chapter, talk to your favorite teacher to start a chapter.  It is easy!


Start a Chapter!

It is easy to start a chapter.  Contact us to find out how!

Benefits of Joining

Easy to Run

ΡΣΩ is easy to run for chapter advisors.

Hands-On Learning

ΡΣΩ encourages students to be more engaged and use hands-on learning.

Benefit the Students

ΡΣΩ allows students the opportunity to participate.

Encourage STEAM

ΡΣΩ helps encourage STEAM and STEAM concepts.

Benefit the Students

ΡΣΩ helps students learn problem-solving skills needed to s a successful future.

Encourage STEAM

Reward students hard work by letting them join.

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Find Out More

Send us an e-mail at or send us a message on the contact us page!

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