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About Us

Coming to life in 2021, Rho Sigma Omega strives to be the leading STEAM Honor Society in the country.  


Rough Crest.png

Bee - Problem solver and builder. Bees build and work together to build. They each have a role to play and understand that groups get more done than individuals. When an obstacle is encountered, bees do not get frustrated, rather keep working together to solve the problem.  

Gear - A gear shows constant work and determination.  When a gear is moving, it works with other gears to power a mechanism. Such as a STEAM class.




The balance between mental and physical. Not only think but do. Being able to come up with ideas and thoughts then implement them with your own hands.  


Strive for Perfection

Though nothing is perfect, we strive to find a better way; continually asking questions to improve.


Power and intelligence

Being able to solve problems, create, and have the ability to excel in STEAM is powerful.  Being able to use previous knowledge and implement new thoughts and ideas is a valuable skill.

Pillars/Core Values


Use of STEAM in other classes.  STEAM is a wide-ranging area that can be covered in nearly any class, club, sport, event, or project. An integrated, interdisciplinary approach that builds connections to fine arts, language arts, and all sciences. This also addresses the needs of a wide range of abilities, learning styles, and personal interests.


The students shows intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.  The ability to motivate, not only with reward but from inherent satisfaction. The inherent ability to know that you solved a problem.  


Students use hands-on learning to elevate academic performance.  Hands-on learning allows students to be stimulated in the learning process, have real-world experiences, develop critical thinking skills, and learn more material when using the hands-on approach.  

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